If you're suffering from athlete's foot or toenail fungus, or your smelly trainers are causing a rift between you and your partner, then we've got the perfect foot care product for you – the Sterishoe sanitiser. This innovative device uses ultra violet light to kill the micro-organisms which are responsible for causing foot infections and odour.

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Product Description

Benefits of Sterishoe

Did you know that each of your feet has more than 250 sweat glands which collectively can produce up to 250ml of sweat a day? This accumulation of sweat turns your shoes into a dark moist breeding ground which attracts fungi that cause infections in your toenails and between your toes, as well as bacteria which makes your feet smell. The Sterishoe+ sanitiser provides a healthier environment for your feet by ridding your shoes and trainers of 99.9% of those troublesome micro-organisms.

Athletes foot and toenail fungus
Foot infections such as athlete’s foot and toe nail fungus can be eliminated with various medications and treatments, but unfortunately this alone isn’t sufficient to totally cure the problem. Scientific evidence has shown that a person’s footwear is a major source of infection and re-infection, which is why we recommend the Sterishoe sanitiser. It offers a quick and easy chemical free method of killing fungi and fungal spores lurking in your shoes and helps to maintain healthy feet following treatment.

Smelly footwear
The dark moist environment of your trainers and shoes offers the perfect breeding ground for bacteria (which is the very reason why your footwear smells bad). The Sterishoe sanitiser kills the bacteria and eliminates odour by getting to the root cause of the problem – the bacteria.

It’s important for people with diabetes to be proactive about caring for their feet. One of the effects of diabetes is to slow down blood circulation which often leads to a loss of sensation. For most people, pain will tell them that there’s something wrong with a particular part of their body, but if a diabetic doesn’t feel that pain then it’s easy for a sore or untreated blister to develop into a fully blown foot ulcer. There is the potential for an untreated foot ulcer to result in amputation. Sterishoe can destroy the micro-organisms in shoes making it an important daily measure for diabetics to keep their feet healthy.

How it works

UVC (ultra violet light) has been used an a disinfectant for decades in hospitals, dental clinics, swimming pools, and other water treatment areas and now it’s being put to good effect by wiping out the bacteria which cause foot infections, and tackling smelly trainers.

The gadget looks like a shoe tree and is inserted in exactly the same way. A simple press of a button activates a treatment cycle which lasts for 15 minutes. After this time, 99.9% of harmful infection causing microbes are completely destroyed and offensive show odour removed. The procedure is totally safe and includes several safety factors to prevent people from coming into direct contact with the powerful UVC. Two shoes bags are also provided with the sanitiser to enable the user to place them over open toed shoes or sandals to create the dark atmosphere which is necessary to activate the procedure.


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