2Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitisis is a condition which causes pain around the outside of the elbow. It’s usually caused by strenuous overuse of the arm, forearm, and hand muscles and despite it’s name you don’t have to be a tennis player to suffer from it. Other athletes and people who participate in leisure or work activities which require repetitive movements of the hand, wrist, arm, and elbow that often necessitates gripping an item tightly can also be affected. Some examples of these include bowlers, baseball players, golfers, mechanics, assembly line workers and office cleaners (who have to vacuum or use a broom).


Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is an alternative non-surgical approach to pain relief that we regularly use to cure common foot problems such as heel pain, Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. It’s rapidly growing in popularity with over 90 percent of patients experiencing a reduction in their pain. Because it’s a non-invasive treatment which is performed outside of the body, it promotes a faster healing time and offers fewer possible side effects. Read on to find out more about the conditions we can treat with ESWT.

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