Portrait of happy male patient and receptionist at reception in dentist's clinicJohn Hooker
"I have had an issue with my ankle for over 5 years. I had a badly torn a tendon in the side of my foot which caused me pain with each step and gave me a pronounce limp. I had been to see a Orthopaedic surgeon who suggested that he would have to cut off my heal bone and re position it, along with removing tendons from my other leg to plait them into my right ankle to support the torn tendon. I would then have to wear a support boot and endure months of phiso therapy. After one treatment of your painless Shockwave Therapy i found that i could walk with almost no pain at all. Subsequent weekly treatments over the last month have allowed me to walk pain free for the first time in more than 5 years!!"
Happy doctor with her patient - young beautiful pregnant womanRosina Lawry
"I was beyond impressed with my experience and treatment I had with Gloria My good friend told me of the treatment her doctor had recommended for her problem with bursitis and aching legs, telling me how good she felt after her first treatment. I made an appointment with Gloria, I was in a great deal of pain as well with my legs arms and neck, my first treatment was more than I could have hoped for and I knew that Gloria was my miracle worker she laughed when I told her. I thought I would end up in a wheel chair the pain was so intense and my doctor only prescribed anti inflammatory medication which I didn’t want to keep taking. I have now had several treatments and I feel fantastic its a wonderful feeling to live without pain again. Gloria is a genuine and professional Lady with a great sense of humour and an ability to make you feel relaxed and confident that she will treat the problem and have great results, I have a life back and can now do t he things I use to do, my garden, walk around without the pain and restrictions that had been my life. Gloria has a great knowledge and a long history in the medical field and she is my miracle worker."
Portrait of happy male doctor and female patient in clinicRosemary Anderson
"Approximately 8 years ago, I underwent foot surgery for a torn ligament and other painful problems incurred by this. The post-surgery period was slow and painful. Not what I was promised or expected. I was left with further problems, a very distorted and swollen and painful foot, which I was unable to put into a shoe for at least 12 months. I learnt to live with this constant acquired pain in the ball of the foot and developed a limp as I walked. Now to add insult to this, last year I developed a heel spur, followed by plantar fasciaitis in the foot. My whole foot was hideously painful and mobility was restricted greatly. Any venues of treatment I sought were unsuccessful, until there was a glimmer of hope , when I heard about the shockwave treatment which was non- invasive. After doing my own research, I booked myself in for the treatment. Following the first treatment, my foot became more relaxed and the pain was less severe, and over the next few days I was experiencing " windows ' of being pain free, so my confidence grew, and I knew that this ESWT was going to work for me. I continued once a week with the 2nd and 3rd treatment, experiencing less pain each time. In fact, following the 3rd treatment I was pain free and weight bearing on my heel again. The treatment also broke up scar tissue which had developed under my toes and ball of the foot from the previous surgery. At long last my foot is finally pain free. I am now walking properly without pain and without a limp, thanks to this ESWT, and the expertise of the professional providing this wonderful service. Miracles do happen."
Happy geriatric patient with her young physiotherapistsSuzanne Klisch
"For many years I have endured nerve damage on the ball of my foot affecting my toes and muscular back pain. I went to Gloria for help using her shock wave therapy treatment. Gloria's professional integrity and her genuine care and concern for her patients' well-being are clearly evident as demonstrated by the amount of time and energy she spends with each patient catering to his/her individual needs. The improvement I have experienced is markedly significant as where I had the partial numbness in my toes it has now gone as has the back pain. I highly recommend Gloria and her unique Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy."

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