Treatment with Swiss Dolorclast

With treatments taking as little as 10 minutes to perform, patients can benefit from a non-invasive treatment using the Swiss DolorClast machine which transmits Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy to the affected area. This process triggers the body’s own healing mechanisms, alleviates pain, and allows you to start enjoying life once more.

We’re fully trained and certified to use the Swiss DolorClast equipment which can successfully treat a number of physical disorders including tennis elbow, shoulder pain, golfer’s elbow, bursitis Trochanterica, Pantella Tip Syndrome, Tibial Edge Syndrome, Achillodynia, and Painful Heel.

The treatment is completely safe and has been approved by both the FDA and TGA and is widely used in the UK, Asia, Europe and Australia.

What exactly is Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (EST)?

It’s a highly effective non-invasive procedure which offers the following benefits:

  • No anaesthetic, medication, or surgery is required
  • Treatment is completely non-invasive
  • Virtually painless with no known side effects
  • Fast treatment with sessions lasting just 10 minutes and usually requiring just 3-4 sessions
  • Fewer complications
  • Quick recovery and speedy results

How EST works

The Swiss DolorClast machine transmits high energy shockwaves via the skin, directly to the area which is painful, activating the body’s self healing process. A patient’s metabolism is increased through improved blood circulation and the formation of new blood vessels, which in turn nurtures and accelerates the healing process through cell regeneration.

  • A hand piece is used to generate the shockwave
  • The shockwave is delivered to the soft tissue via a compressed air impulse which is triggered by the hand piece
  • The shockwave spreads out extending across the entire area where pain can be felt
  • Typically only 3-4 sessions are required
  • One session involves approximately 2,500 impulses at 2.5 bars and 4000 impulses for trigger point treatment
  • No anaesthetic is necessary
  • No surgery is required, or additional therapy, and treatment can normally take place right away

Treatment is tailored to each individual to help them achieve better mobility and eliminate pain and discomfort. EST is particularly effective in those patients where conventional treatment methods have failed to offer a cure.

If you’re suffering from long term tendon, joint, or muscle pain or perhaps you have a chronic back or hip problem, EST could help you. Why not contact us to find out more or to book a consultation. We look forward to meeting you.